The Most-Heard Phrases in New York


Through a study that is vastly illegitimate, unscientific and, thus, incredibly fascinating, thisiswhyiloveny has uncovered the commonly strung-together words that echo through the subway tunnels, whistle down 6th Ave., and parade across the Brooklyn Bridge. Bundled together, they are crowned the Most-Heard Phrases in New York.

This was a competitive analysis of course, as nearly 1,682 phrases vied for inclusion in what would become this very fine-tuned list.

Over an exhaustive brunch at a rustic, yet modern and expensive restaurant near Soho, the final 18 were chosen.

1. Wait you only take cash

2. He doesn’t go to Brooklyn

3. Why don’t you just come back to my place

4. What do you do?

5. I hear there’s a rooftop

6. Dating’s the worst here

7. Where do you live?

8. They’re doing construction 

9. But it’s so expensive

10. I hate Times Square

11. Let’s do brunch

12. Do you have soy

13. I’ve heard really good things about that place

14. Have you heard about that place

15. I really wanna try that place

16. Watch where you’re going

17. Do you wanna just get pizza

18. Oy